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Chip-off Village


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Chip-Off Village

The Chip-Off Village is a physical security demonstration. Hardware chip-off refers to a forensic technique used to extract data from integrated circuits (ICs), also known as chips, by physically removing them from electronic devices. This method is typically employed when other means of data extraction, such as software-based methods or standard forensic techniques, are ineffective or unavailable.

The process involves carefully removing the IC from its original device using specialized tools and techniques, such as micro-soldering, de-soldering, and chip removal equipment. Once the chip is successfully extracted, it can be connected to specialized hardware and software tools for data analysis and recovery.

Outcome of Hardware CHIP-OFF

Learning about hardware chip-off can enhance one's understanding of device security and potential vulnerabilities. It allows professionals to assess the effectiveness of data protection measures implemented in integrated circuits and identify potential weaknesses that could be exploited by attackers.

An activity for anyone and everyone to take part in to enjoy learning a valuable real-life skill. Demos are provided to whoever requires it. Come, de-Solder and take away COOL "HARDWARE STICKERS".

Saurabh Kumar Pandey :

Saurabh is senior security engineer at MIQ, working on Product and Cloud security . Additionally, he serves as the chapter lead of the Null Open Security Community. He performs penetration tests and infrastructure audits for a wide range of IT projects. Moreover, he enjoys sharing his knowledge through leading workshops, delivering conference talks, and teaching at universities. He has worked extensively in the fields of Cloud Security and Red Teaming. Presently, his focus lies in the research area of IoT and OT.


  • OSCP
  • CRPT
  • AZ-500
  • AWS Security Specialist

Speaker at:

  • Null Bangalore India
  • Singhania university India
  • Rama University India
  • Career Point University India
  • IIT Kanpur India
  • Gurugram Police Cyber Cell Internship
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Saurabh Kumar Pandey
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Saurabh Kumar Pandey
Saurabh Kumar Pandey